Thursday, December 16, 2010

New year's resolutions in review

So, how did I do on the resolutions I made in January? Let's take a look.

* Don't fall asleep in my makeup

Win. My skin has never been better than this year. In fact, my beautician told me the other day that I have the nicest skin of all of her clients, and she's definitely not the sort to say that just to make me feel good. She's French, she tells it like it is. So anyway, big tick on this one. Next year I'm going to try to start using a serum or something to whittle away my freckles.

* Pack my own lunch at least 4 days per week

Mostly good here. I think I have probably averaged this over the course of the year. There was a period in winter where I didn't do well on this one at all, but I've made up for it in the last few months.

* Get to more meetings

Also good. Ant and I were in the habit of skipping Sunday afternoons, and weren't as regular as I would have liked with house meetings either. We've been at basically all of them this year, and even some Wednesdays.

* Take more photos of friends and family

Could have done better on this front. I took a lot of iPhone pictures but it doesn't come as naturally to me to camwhore every event as I wish it did.

* Skinnify

Mixed results. I'm 4kg lighter than when I wrote my resolutions, but I wouldn't call that skinny. Still, it's an improvement, and I'm working on doing better yet.

* Only 10 weeknight takeaways all year

This one was total fail. Once we bought our apartment my schedule went into complete disarray. I'll try harder next year.

Overall I'm pleasantly surprised with how well I've lived up to my aspirations. I'll do this again next year, because apparently I'm not too bad at keeping these things.