Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doctor Who followup

More than a week late, but whatevs. I liked the finale!

-First things first: The fez was cool. I seriously hope they bring the fez back.
-I enjoyed immensely all the Vortex Manipulator zipping around at the start.
-And RORY. YAY FOR RORY. Waiting for 2000 years to protect Amy? Terribly romantic.
-Having it all wind up with Amy doing the spooky-crying thing again at her wedding? Right up my alley.
-Actually, all of the wedding was great. The Doctor Dances, indeed.

-No, I didn't like the typical Who way of resolving last week's seemingly-impossible cliffhanger situation within the first scene. I have, however, certainly come to expect it, so I wasn't terribly disappointed.
-Definitely Not Cool: the way Amy keeps trying to step out on Rory. It's RORY. You don't do that. He's the sweet, befuddled Arthur Dent EveryMan of the Whoniverse, and you don't do that to him. I think it's meant to be funny but I don't find it amusing in any way.

-Not tying up why the TARDIS exploded, and the crack in time, and silence falling, and the novo-TARDIS in The Lodger, and why Amy's house has a level too many? Me likey. It's nice to have trans-seasonal mysteries.

-I was right about the forest scene in The Time Of Angels!!! It wasn't a continuity error! Shoop da woop!! I have been harping about that for MONTHS now, so it's nice to be vindicated.

I'm really looking forwards to the Christmas special, though I worry that Orient Express In Space is quite similar to Titanic In Space. But we'll see. If the fez makes a comeback, all is forgiven.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Doctor Who rant


I loooove Doctor Who. And I have the softest spot imaginable in my heart for Rory. But... I really don't know how I feel about all this. Obviously the cliffhanger will be resolved within the first five minutes of the next episode, becuase That Is How They Roll on that show. However, if the whole season turns out to have been in Young Amy's head, I'm going to be a mite bit cross. (But if Rory stays on as a full-time Auton companion, I'll be somewhat mollified.)

Josh tells me that a lot of the elements of this season (Silence Will Fall, the cracks in the universe, who was building the TARDIS upstairs in The Lodger etc.) won't be resolved this season. So I have a lot to think about over the break. I think there's definitely something to the fact that Amy's house seems to have stairs to more floors than the house actually has, though:

Apologies to whoever made this screencap, because I lifted it and I don't know where it came from :(

Anyway, Doctor Who. It's a good thing I'm already married because I know every time I bring it up, my eligibility points plummet.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bad blogmistress

I've neglected my blog awfully (but not entirely - I kept updating my film inventory in the sidebar.) Things have been pretty crazy here since I last updated. Ant and I are now HOMEOWNERS, which is awfully exciting. We've been spending almost every spare minute we have working at the new place, and we're finally at the point where we can put some paint on the walls - finally it will look like we're improving the place instead of destroying it. We have a lot of plans that we're working towards. This photo is sort of like what we're aiming for with the living room:

But with a chair more like this one, except in a deep purple or something:

Funny how similar the layout of those two rooms are, actually. The first one is from Apartment Therapy" I think, and the other is obvs from Elle Decor. And belongs to Candace Bushnell. Anyway, the look I'm after is Paris chic. It's tiny so we can spend more per square meter than we could on a bigger place, which is nice because I. Hate. Cheap. Looking. Stuff. And it turns out that often, though not always, this means that I tend to fall for the most expensive item in the shop without trying. And that I have my eye on a baby blue SMEG, like this one from Yvestown:

Yummmmmmmmy. Anyway, there's no real point to this post other than alleviating my blog guilt, so I shall leave the fridge porn there. I promise not to go so long without blogging again, and also that the next post will be far less inane.