Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Bummed THE HECK OUT about the MoMusu graduation announcement. Eririn is one of my favourites, and JunLin had actually really grown on me (like in this Sanma no Manma clip) and I am going to miss all three of them. I really hope Eri recovers soon and makes a return to showbiz when she's had an appropriate amount of time off. But the pandas? I don't think we'll ever see them again, and that makes me really sad.

Yeah, that's all. I'm sure they'll bounce back with 9th gen (and by the way, if they add a bunch of 12-year olds I'll be quite cross) but I've been attached to these girls for years now, especially Eri, and it'll take a while for that hole to heal for me.

Honestly, why couldn't they take Risa instead? Rururururu.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Too tired to blog

I mis my blog being full of bimbo photos :( But since we bought our house, all my time is spent there in paint covered jeans, and all my money is spent on freaking flat-pack furniture :( On the plus side, the place is starting to look pretty awesome. We're planning on moving sometime in the next month I think, so I will have photos to show soon (and then I can start spending money on clothes again, yaaaaay). There's so much I want to buy right now, especially from the Review new season collection. But the things on my shopping list right now look more like this:

Ohhhh yeah. You know what I've had enough of? ASSEMBLING FLAT PACK FURNITURE. And in my near future, I still have to do:

-Two wardrobe frames and interior fittings
-Four wardrobe doors
-The above cabinet
-Four bookcases
-A bathroom cabinet
-A couch
-A dining table

Anyone out there who just LOVES assembling furniture and wants to donate their skills pro bono? Leave me a comment.

I promise to blog soon with interesting things. Or else I will go mental.