Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New blog

I don't know if anybody still comes here, but if you do and you're wondering why there are no updates here, it's because I got ashamed that I hadn't blogged in a long time and started a new one *^^*  So if you're interested, please come over to petit-marshmallow and say hi!  Things have changed!  New house!  20% less of me!  Etc!

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 movies in review

Time to look back on the movies I saw this year. I decided late 2009 that I was sick of paying money for movies I knew in advance I wouldn't enjoy, so this year I made a concerted effort to only see things I was interested in.

Best movies of 2010

I saw a lot of things I liked this year. In no particular order, I most enjoyed:
-Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. This movie was made for me, I swear. I was crying with laughter the whole time.
-In The Loop. Hilarious yet depressing politcal black comedy. Malcolm Tucker is the most politically incorrect character ever written and I love him.
-The Social Network. This was so clever. I have watched the first scene like a dozen times already. It's such an instant classic. Eisenberg is fantastic.
-Fantastic Mr Fox. Not at all like the story I loved as a child but probably my favourite Wes Anderson film. Why not cast the world's foxiest man as the world's foxiest fox?
-Toy Story 3. Those Pixar geniuses always exceed my high expectations. They are made of candy and magic.
-Inception. We talked about this a lot after we finally saw it. I think it was all a dream, but it doesn't matter, because Cobb doesn't care if the top drops or not - having seen his children's faces, he makes that leap of faith. Discuss.
-Micmacs. This was French and quirky and fantastic. Go rent it.
-The American. This was so pensive and introspective and tense. So great.
-L'arnacoeur. Saw this twice and loved it as much the second time. Romain Duris is rapidly climbing my favourite actor ladder.

Worst movies of 2010

Despite my resolve, a couple of stinkers snuck in. These movies owe me a few hours of my life back:
-Sex and the City 2. Knew it would be bad, stil surprised at just how bad.
-It's Complicated. Apparently it's really tough to be rich, live in an enormous, gorgeous house, have great relationships with your children and future son-in-law, and have two nice men interested in you.

Movies I liked even though they were pretty daggy
-The Twilight series. Shut up, it's my thing now, let it go.

Movies I wanted to like but just couldn't
-Io Sono L'amore. This movie was so sure that I would like it and think it was really deep and meaningful and beautiful that it forgot to be deep and meaningful, and quit at beautiful and melodramatic.
-Avatar. Technically spectacular. Storyline was an even more condescending version of Pocahontas. The more I think about it, the more irritated it makes me.

Movies that Anthony didn't realise were biopics and thus did not understand at all
-Gainsbourg. Nothing to comment on, it was just funny. He turned to me once the credits rolled, and said, quietly but firmly, "what in the HELL was that?"

A few numbers:
Total films - 46
English films - 27
French films - 10
Italian films - 4
Japanese films - 4
Hindi films - 1

Total list of films follows.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New year's resolutions in review

So, how did I do on the resolutions I made in January? Let's take a look.

* Don't fall asleep in my makeup

Win. My skin has never been better than this year. In fact, my beautician told me the other day that I have the nicest skin of all of her clients, and she's definitely not the sort to say that just to make me feel good. She's French, she tells it like it is. So anyway, big tick on this one. Next year I'm going to try to start using a serum or something to whittle away my freckles.

* Pack my own lunch at least 4 days per week

Mostly good here. I think I have probably averaged this over the course of the year. There was a period in winter where I didn't do well on this one at all, but I've made up for it in the last few months.

* Get to more meetings

Also good. Ant and I were in the habit of skipping Sunday afternoons, and weren't as regular as I would have liked with house meetings either. We've been at basically all of them this year, and even some Wednesdays.

* Take more photos of friends and family

Could have done better on this front. I took a lot of iPhone pictures but it doesn't come as naturally to me to camwhore every event as I wish it did.

* Skinnify

Mixed results. I'm 4kg lighter than when I wrote my resolutions, but I wouldn't call that skinny. Still, it's an improvement, and I'm working on doing better yet.

* Only 10 weeknight takeaways all year

This one was total fail. Once we bought our apartment my schedule went into complete disarray. I'll try harder next year.

Overall I'm pleasantly surprised with how well I've lived up to my aspirations. I'll do this again next year, because apparently I'm not too bad at keeping these things.

Friday, November 26, 2010


So I know I've been neglecting this blog lately (well, I've been updating the movies sidebar, but I've only been doing boring things so I haven't actually posted any new content. Boo.) BUT. Mitsu of universal-doll.com, which is a fab gyaru blog that I read rather obsessively, is having a super generous giveaway here and I thought that my handful of readers would be interested in knowing that. So far she's only announced two of the items she's giving away, and frankly I'd be over the moon to win just those. Diamond Lashes are just so great, all the gyaru models swear by them. And the alpaca! Swoon!

So anyway, head on over and check out Mitsu's blog to enter. And Mitsu-san, if you're reading this... I super heart you. That is all.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog neglector

Yeah, I've been bad. And it's not going to change for a few weeks at least, since we are in the throes of house moving right now. Everything is upside down and inside out at the moment. I'm home sick today and so I took the opportunity to clean out the pantry - I threw about 50% of the food out! So much of it expired last month, which is really odd. At least there's much less to move now, though. I'm going to try to do the bathroom cupboard today as well, but... I have have zero motivation. Sigh. Anyway, once we've settled in after the move, I'll be back showing off a few photos and whatnot. Until then!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Bummed THE HECK OUT about the MoMusu graduation announcement. Eririn is one of my favourites, and JunLin had actually really grown on me (like in this Sanma no Manma clip) and I am going to miss all three of them. I really hope Eri recovers soon and makes a return to showbiz when she's had an appropriate amount of time off. But the pandas? I don't think we'll ever see them again, and that makes me really sad.

Yeah, that's all. I'm sure they'll bounce back with 9th gen (and by the way, if they add a bunch of 12-year olds I'll be quite cross) but I've been attached to these girls for years now, especially Eri, and it'll take a while for that hole to heal for me.

Honestly, why couldn't they take Risa instead? Rururururu.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Too tired to blog

I mis my blog being full of bimbo photos :( But since we bought our house, all my time is spent there in paint covered jeans, and all my money is spent on freaking flat-pack furniture :( On the plus side, the place is starting to look pretty awesome. We're planning on moving sometime in the next month I think, so I will have photos to show soon (and then I can start spending money on clothes again, yaaaaay). There's so much I want to buy right now, especially from the Review new season collection. But the things on my shopping list right now look more like this:

Ohhhh yeah. You know what I've had enough of? ASSEMBLING FLAT PACK FURNITURE. And in my near future, I still have to do:

-Two wardrobe frames and interior fittings
-Four wardrobe doors
-The above cabinet
-Four bookcases
-A bathroom cabinet
-A couch
-A dining table

Anyone out there who just LOVES assembling furniture and wants to donate their skills pro bono? Leave me a comment.

I promise to blog soon with interesting things. Or else I will go mental.