Saturday, January 30, 2010


So, did some work on the blog layout.  Evidently.  Still need to do a heading graphic, but SQUEEEE it is so much cuter now!!!

Have had a slack day - aside from doing groceries and making po-J-to salad, all I've done is tinker with the blog and tickle the dog.  Going to Ishi's place tonight for a BBQ!  I think Ruthie is coming with Jude-chan!!

Random update

I've been working really hard to make the blog look nicer but things have definitely gone backwards on that front. Ant is trying to help me now and he is more or less as stumped as I am on the whole issue. I want it to be super kawaii. At the moment it is the blandest thing since white bread. Blahhh. Hope we can work out the issue soon.

Also, my Photoshop elements trial expires today!! :( I will definitely have to buy it, it is truly tip-top. BUT, maybe not immeditely, because we are, uh, a trifle poor at the moment. Saving for a house is killer! Especially when you've had a house guest and a long weekend all in the same pay cycle. Oh well.

On to some photos!


My new nails!

Nail delivery!

Actually, these photos were taken two weeks ago and now I have removed said nails. I've been sort of distracted by the arrival of darling Jude, and also having Katsuki-san stay with us. ANYWAY. I ordered these from eBay seller Yukiumi. I was really thrilled with the service, and the nails themselves were SO cute. The only problem was that they're completely impractical for my work :( I do a lot of fine work with my hands, and having talons on each finger (see below) made things really difficult. So I soaked them off, but I'm definitely keeping them for next time I'm on holiday.

3D hime nails

It's been several years since I had acrylic nails, but the awkward ways of getting dressed with cumbersome nails came back to me pretty quickly. I often wonder how girls manage with nails like this though:



A couple weeks back (two days before the nails I think) we went to Arigataya in Northbridge with Mark, Ish, Trav and super-pregnant Ruth. Arigataya hasn't been open very long but it's cemented its place in my heart as Perth's best ramen. This is my bowl:


I was ravenous by the time we ate, and so this photo includes none of the char sieu, egg, nori, bamboo or greenery that I had already gluttoned into oblivion. But trust me, this stuff is GOOD. Afterwards we headed to bubble tea in the old Utopia (I think it's called Hi Tea now?)

Bubble tea

Ruth is literally four days away from giving birth but somehow she looks barely pregnant in this photo. How, Ruth? HOW? When it is time for a junior Casarotto, I need to get photo posing tips from you.

And here we have yet another abrupt end to a random blog entry. Sort of becoming a standard feature around these parts.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Community service announcement

Kids, wear sunscreen.

Kids, wear sunscreen

Or else this will happen to you. And believe me, it's not something you want.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


We interrupt your regularly scheduled frivolity to bring you an important update on the world's cutest baby.

Kiss kiss

Introducing Jude Matthew Quirk, the handsome son of darling Ruthie and SuperTravio - my nephew!! He was born early in the morning (late at night?) yesterday, and has already made the world a better place with his unique combination of pouty lips, super soft skin and all around total gorgeousness. Oh, and he smells great too.

Sweet baby Jude

Trav and Ruth are just over the moon. It's really moving to see how much love they have for this tiny wonderful person they've made. Aww, you guys. I'm getting a bit weepy thinking about the three of you.

I went to visit last night with new Nonno, Meme, and Busia. Ant couldn't come because he was stuck in Broome (flight delayed by 5 hours, lousy Qantas) so we went back again this afternoon. Is it possibly for a baby of infinite cuteness to double said cuteness overnight? He seems to have managed it somehow. Anyway, the requisite "Jude with x" photos:

With Nonno. Not sure who's mimicking who here.

With Meme

Cuddling adorably with Meme.

With Zio Antonio

Anthony looks amazed. I love this photo. Jude, your zio is absolutely right to find you astounding.

With Zia Hayley

I think he's cute enough to cancel out the ugliness of my two chins. That's no mean feat.

Ruthie and Jude

Just want to have the record show that one day after birth, Ruth looks like a supermodel. So glowy! So happy! I really can't believe she had him 100% naturally. She is a superwoman. And she looks like this! I'm overawed.

Super Judio

As one would expect from a child of gaming heritage, Jude is already demonstrating a sound knowledge of classic game characters. Here he demonstrates his Mario impression.

So cool

And coming from photographic history on the other side of the family, he knows to pose like a natural. Here he's managed to wink, despite not yet being able to see. Absolute pro.

Yeah, he's pretty awesome. My most heartfelt love and congratulations to the burgeouning Quirk family. You guys have well and truly outdone yourselves with this one. May the Lord bless the three of you above your wildest imaginations.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New wallet!

Just a quick post to show off my new eBay acquisition.

Samantha bag

Here she is in her dust bag. Don't you just love Japanese packaging? Makes me want to go back to Japan real bad. Again. I pretty much have Japan Urges every six months or so now. Maybe I should just save up for a year, move there, buy everything I can see for a year or two, then come home. Yeah.

Samantha box

Here's the box, complete with adorable ribbon.

Samantha Thavasa wallet

And this is my baby! Woven pink metallic leather. Lots of room on the inside. I am so thrilled. I saw it in Fukuoka when we were there but I didn't have much cash on me at the time. I planned to go back but then never did :( So now I've eBayed it for twice as much money o_O

Samantha Thavasa wallet

This is a better indication of the colour I think. The zipper pull is a super cute gold heart. Soooo stoked with it. It's exactly what I want. My previous wallet was a blue woven Bottega Veneta which I loved to death, but all the blue was wearing off and starting to look really nasty. Maybe I will see if I can have it dyed and then sell it or something.

My nailpolish in the previous picture is OPI Italian Love Affair. I'm only giving this one two strikes, because it's disappointed me so wildly both times that I'm not willing to chance it a third time. Goes on streaky as all getout, chips and peels away within 24 hours. Not. Worth. My. Time. I was really hopeful I'd like it because, um, I think the name is cute. But I'm always disappointed by shimmery OPI polishes these days. I think they might have changed their formula because I used to be able to apply them like a pro. Sigh. I'd really like gel nails if I'm honest. With lots of bling.

OK, tangent done! I'm hoping to be able to blog about my new nephew in a few days but he sure is taking his time arriving.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I ♥ my kitson

I ♥ my kitson

My kitson bag makes the inside of my car look like the prettiest disco in the world. That's all.

Bought in Fukuoka, by the by. I never had so many compliments than when I first wore this bag. Every girl I walked past was like "kawaii kitson neeeeeee!" And when J girls say your bag is cute, well, it MUST be cute. I wish I was a J girl. Le sigh.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Strawberrynet order!

I received a package from Strawberrynet this week! I love those guys. Cheap makeup, loyalty program, free shipping, what's not to like? When I picked it up from the post office, the girl behind the coutner was all excited for me, like "oooooooh I love SN, I'm waiting on a box, how excitingggg!" We're like a secret society, SN clients. The Order Of The Purple Ribbon. We should invent a secret handshake. So anyway, this is my loot.

Strawberrynet order

And now to my reviews!

Smashbox Photo Finish makeup primer

Smashbox Photo Finish primer

I've only used this once so far.  It goes on very silkily, and my skin feels really smooth afterwards.  Apparently it's full of vitamins and other stuff to make skin happy.  Anyway, it made my foundation glide on smoothly and evenly.  It was a hot day though, so I sweated it all off pretty quickly and can't comment on lastability.  I'm looking forwards to using it in winter though, as I struggle to apply foundation evenly when my skin is drier.


MAC Beauty Marked eyeshadow

MAC "Beauty Marked" eyeshadow

WOW.  This stuff is super.  I tried really hard to take a photo of how it looks in the pot, but didn't quite get it - it looks like a shimmery purple-y maroon.  But it applies like the best smoky grey you've ever tried.  Full of pigment.  Love it love it.  MAC make awesome eyeshadows.  Can't believe I used Maybelline and Body Shop for so long.  Only MAC, Stila and Anna Sui for me now.

Guerlain Kohl loose powder eyeliner

Guerlain loose powder kohl liner

I don't think I've got the hang of how to apply this yet.  I get some on my inner rims, and a LOT in my eyes.  And then 30 minutes later, it all migrates from my eye to the inner corner and looks revolting.  I want to learn to use it properly, though, because every review I've read of it says it's miracle dust.  Anyway, I'm pleased to have it because the packaging looks like something from a silent film star's dressing table.  It's awesome. 


Pevonia Silky Foot Peel

Pevonia Silky Foot Peel

This stuff is magic.  Disgusting magic.  I put it on my feet and started gently massaging, and GIANT gobs of revolting dead skin started coming off.  (Sorry for the mental image.)  Anyway, a quick rinse later and my feet were soft and smooth like they haven't been in a really long while.    I hope it's OK to use it daily, because I have years of mistreatment to resolve.


My new PS3

Saw this in the city today.  It makes me want to break the one we have.  If you know what I mean.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness.


I want this pretty watch so badly.  Pink!  Gold!  Sparkly!  Tells the time!  Certainly satisfies all my watch criteria.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dinner with the girls

Caught up with a bunch of my girls for dinner. So good to see them! I really miss all you Yangebup crew :( Missed you all at Albany camp too.

Alex and Sally

Alex and Sal waiting for food. Ooh, I missed you guys! Alex is taking Ant out for lunch sometime. I guess it's OK with me seeing she asked permission :) They were cross with me for taking so long to take the photo. Sorry guys!


Emma just posed like this until I put the camera away.

Sneaky photo

Heath was suspicious of this "sneaky shot". It's not so bad, right? She had a cuuuute necklace on, a wooden heart with "elope" written on it. Apparently you get it with your wedding certificate if you do so. Or something.


Tris took this photo and I LOVE it. Everyone looks so stoked to be there. Except KJ, who is still running off a LOT of excess energy.

I love my girrrls! Don't see enough of them now that they all live south of the river. Let's catch up again soon, OK? Chuuuuuu!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Juicy juicy!!

I got a pay rise just before Christmas, so like all good little girls I bought stuff online. Savings? What? Anyway, my first package arrived yesterday.



I wish everything in my house was pink terry-covered. So cute and snuggly!

Anyhow, I am super thrilled with this triple set of bracelets. They are all nice enough to wear on their own but I love how they look together. The middle one has four different sparkly motifs on it - the Juicy heart, as shown, then a crown, a palm tree and a ribbon. Kawaiiiiiii.

Camwhore time!

Actually, I'd like to take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with Photoshop Elements. It has everything that I ever use in full-sized Photoshop, and a lot more besides. And is only $150, as opposed to the arm, leg and firstborn child that they charge you for standard edition. I am definitely buying it when my trial period expires.

Working on making the blog less ugly. It is VERY ugly, though, so it will take some time.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year recap

Photos ahoy! Here's a recap of what's happened so far this year.


New Year's Eve

We had some friends over for a low-key NYE party. I wore my hair in a half-up bow like in binosusume's YouTube channel, but none of the photos really show it well :(

Ant and I waiting for everyone to show up. Ant wore his fedora that he got in Fukuoka. It really only comes out for festive occasions, which is a shame. Josh bet that he wouldn’t wear it at all in Australia though, so that’s something.

Around midnight we headed outside and lit up some sparklers. Pretty!

The girls enjoyed the pretty in a normal, sensible way.

Richard, um… didn’t. He took about 20 of them and lit them up at once -_- Burned his foot a little too I think. The lads all seemed to think it was pretty funny.

Mark and Ish got into the party poppers (which, by the way, were about 20% faulty and would just spit out a lump of streamers instead of a proper spray. I hit Lee pretty solidly in the chest with a streamer pellet.)

Mark sets off a party popper LIKE A MAN.


And then goes on to look utterly terrifying (and, bizarrely, like he is in blackface) in what is otherwise a nice photo.

Ruthie, Trav, Rachel and Carrie were there also but I only managed to get bad photos of you guys. Sorry! Try to be always posing near good light in future, OK?


Avatar screening with Mark and Ish

Went with Mark and Ish on New Year's Day to see the most not-shut-up-aboutable movie of the summer last night. I must say that I wasn’t really that keen to see it, because I am pretty tired of this exchange:
“Haven’t seen it.”
Rinse and repeat with more or less everyone I know. So yeah, I was a bit jaded.
First things first, camwhoring with silly glasses.

So the movie itself. It was immensely pretty, there is no doubt about that. The scenes where Jake is discovering the forest were gorgeous. But I really didn’t feel particularly engaged by the film until at least halfway through, when the (spoiler, but you’ve seen it already no doubt) bulldozers start to roll in. Until then I felt like a casual observer, the way I do with most CGI things. Which made me VERY aware of its length. Make no mistake, this movie is LONG. Anyway, I suppose I don’t feel too strongly about it one way or the other. It was enjoyable, and technically a masterpiece, but I don’t think I’ll see it again.
A quick word about the 3D – it gave me a cranking headache for the first 45 min or so until my eyes stopped fighting it. But after that, every time I thought about it, the headache would spring back. I don’t know if the glasses fitted me badly, but it felt like a strain to focus. Phooey. (Looking at the photos, there were indeed enormous. And made my nose look big too. Yucks.)
Also, I think it's funny that a 3D movie had so many one-dimensional characters. Hohohohoho.

This is how Ant started the new year. Yup.


Hopman Cup

Went with Ant and Josh to the Hopman Cup on Jan 2nd to see Australia v Romania. Kept forgetting it was coming up. Every conversation with Josh that weeks was somewhat akin to this:

"See you Saturday, then. What time are we meeting? 9?"
"What time are we huh? Why would I be out of bed that early on a Saturday?"
"Uh, the tennis?"
"The whoseinthewhatnow?"

So it was frankly a miracle that I made it there at all. Good thing Ant is more switched on than I am.

While we were waiting I asked the boys to camwhore with me.

Oi, why be like that? I got you both sweet Christmas presents.

Ant eventually indulged me, but Josh refused. Bah.

He eventually acquiesed for a solo effort. Ladies, is my brother not handsome?

Anyway, then there was a womens' match. I shan't be posting photos because we lost. Boo. But after that, I went to the bathroom before the mens' match. And then I got a tiny bit turned around getting back to my seat, and was stopped by a security guard who said I couldn't go the way I was going because the door I was in front of was the one the players were about to come out of O_O So naturally, I asked if I could take photos. He said yeah, no problem. And here's what I did with that opportunity.


The one good thing, though, was that Lleyton Hewitt totally gave me a filthy look just for standing there. Ha! He really lives up to his reputation.

So anyway, after that wasted opportunity, I headed back to my seat for the mens' match.

Lleyton won! Look at him, receiving that serve. It was a really exciting match! They were closely matched opponents. Also, as Josh noted, Lleyton's trademark "COME ON!!!" is obnoxious on TV but quite thrilling in the flesh

There was a mixed doubles match after this, but Australia lost that too. So a loss overall. Oh well! I've never been to a live tennis match before so it was a good experience anyway.


Ishi's birthday

Left Burswood after the tennis, went home, got changed and came straight back for Ishi pishi's birthday dinner. Ha! Should have just taken a change of clothes with me.

In the car on the way. Sequins, leopard and a present. Yay!

With the birthday girl and Tris. Ish had such pretty clothes! And new shoes from her Sg trip.

My beef. Eh. It was pretty average. I would have thought a nice restaurant would have been able to cook medium rare correctly. Apparently not.

Tris is demonstrating how pasmak resembles a beard. Sort of.

With my sweet Ruthie! She is sooo preggie right now. Any day and I am an auntie!

Quick pose in front of the dandelion fountain. Ugh my dress makes me look blocky :( Never again!

And on that note, this super long entry comes to an abrupt end. All caught up!