Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 movies in review

Time to look back on the movies I saw this year. I decided late 2009 that I was sick of paying money for movies I knew in advance I wouldn't enjoy, so this year I made a concerted effort to only see things I was interested in.

Best movies of 2010

I saw a lot of things I liked this year. In no particular order, I most enjoyed:
-Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. This movie was made for me, I swear. I was crying with laughter the whole time.
-In The Loop. Hilarious yet depressing politcal black comedy. Malcolm Tucker is the most politically incorrect character ever written and I love him.
-The Social Network. This was so clever. I have watched the first scene like a dozen times already. It's such an instant classic. Eisenberg is fantastic.
-Fantastic Mr Fox. Not at all like the story I loved as a child but probably my favourite Wes Anderson film. Why not cast the world's foxiest man as the world's foxiest fox?
-Toy Story 3. Those Pixar geniuses always exceed my high expectations. They are made of candy and magic.
-Inception. We talked about this a lot after we finally saw it. I think it was all a dream, but it doesn't matter, because Cobb doesn't care if the top drops or not - having seen his children's faces, he makes that leap of faith. Discuss.
-Micmacs. This was French and quirky and fantastic. Go rent it.
-The American. This was so pensive and introspective and tense. So great.
-L'arnacoeur. Saw this twice and loved it as much the second time. Romain Duris is rapidly climbing my favourite actor ladder.

Worst movies of 2010

Despite my resolve, a couple of stinkers snuck in. These movies owe me a few hours of my life back:
-Sex and the City 2. Knew it would be bad, stil surprised at just how bad.
-It's Complicated. Apparently it's really tough to be rich, live in an enormous, gorgeous house, have great relationships with your children and future son-in-law, and have two nice men interested in you.

Movies I liked even though they were pretty daggy
-The Twilight series. Shut up, it's my thing now, let it go.

Movies I wanted to like but just couldn't
-Io Sono L'amore. This movie was so sure that I would like it and think it was really deep and meaningful and beautiful that it forgot to be deep and meaningful, and quit at beautiful and melodramatic.
-Avatar. Technically spectacular. Storyline was an even more condescending version of Pocahontas. The more I think about it, the more irritated it makes me.

Movies that Anthony didn't realise were biopics and thus did not understand at all
-Gainsbourg. Nothing to comment on, it was just funny. He turned to me once the credits rolled, and said, quietly but firmly, "what in the HELL was that?"

A few numbers:
Total films - 46
English films - 27
French films - 10
Italian films - 4
Japanese films - 4
Hindi films - 1

Total list of films follows.