Monday, August 2, 2010

Too tired to blog

I mis my blog being full of bimbo photos :( But since we bought our house, all my time is spent there in paint covered jeans, and all my money is spent on freaking flat-pack furniture :( On the plus side, the place is starting to look pretty awesome. We're planning on moving sometime in the next month I think, so I will have photos to show soon (and then I can start spending money on clothes again, yaaaaay). There's so much I want to buy right now, especially from the Review new season collection. But the things on my shopping list right now look more like this:

Ohhhh yeah. You know what I've had enough of? ASSEMBLING FLAT PACK FURNITURE. And in my near future, I still have to do:

-Two wardrobe frames and interior fittings
-Four wardrobe doors
-The above cabinet
-Four bookcases
-A bathroom cabinet
-A couch
-A dining table

Anyone out there who just LOVES assembling furniture and wants to donate their skills pro bono? Leave me a comment.

I promise to blog soon with interesting things. Or else I will go mental.