Monday, February 1, 2010


Did a bundle of purikura in Freo with Ish and Tris after the combined meeting yesterday.  (Aside - aren't combined meetings rad?  You catch up with so many people.  Also Pastor Darryl gave really great talks both meetings.  Good day.)  So anyway, プリクラ!! Girls, click through for the bigger sizes ♥♥

Pretty collage Totes glamourous
Oh! indeed Yet another purikura

Lots of headgear

This machine was rad! Really cute, good skin tone, easy to edit afterwards. Went sort of nuts with the crowns, ears and headbands in the second one though. But, um, this other machine?

Old machines are BAD

DO NOT WANT. I remember using a machine like this when I was on exchange, for goodness' sake. THAT WAS 10 YEARS AGO. Roll with the times, Perth. Love Virus indeed.

And now, if you'll indulge me, (you will, because it's my blog, dammit) I shall post some other ones. These first two are from a big-eye machine somewhere in Tenjin, during the Fukuoka outreach.

Purikura at Fukuoka outreach

This is terrifying really

Actually, I promised Sonia that I would send these two her but then I lost her email address :( So, Sonia Swan, if you ever self-Google, I hope it leads you here. Even though these pictures are terrifying. What's going on with Stef's eyes in the second one? Scary business.

Next batch is Ant and I last Feb. I thought this was in Harajuku but the label (and all other evidence, like the photos with the same date where we're at Kinkakuji) says we're in Kyoto. Was this in one of the covered arcades? That trip is a blur now :(

Love love Bless Ant for indulging me

Girls, when you find a boy willing to indulge you this much? Hold on as tight as you can.
(Also, I have absolutely no recollection why we chose to put a taiyaki and some oden on the front of the car, but I do remember it being HILARIOUS at the time.)

And just to show how we've learned to camwhore, here's our first ever purikura.

Me and Ant vintage

MY EYES. How did I ever think this was an acceptable way to leave the house? I LOOK LIKE A MAN. The date on this is wrong, too - it was late November, because I distinctly remember this was after one of my exams. Back to the point though - UGH UGH UGH.

I have some others of us with Mark and Ish but the scanner repeatedly cut Mark's head off, so I think that's a sign that they should wait for another day.