Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doctor Who followup

More than a week late, but whatevs. I liked the finale!

-First things first: The fez was cool. I seriously hope they bring the fez back.
-I enjoyed immensely all the Vortex Manipulator zipping around at the start.
-And RORY. YAY FOR RORY. Waiting for 2000 years to protect Amy? Terribly romantic.
-Having it all wind up with Amy doing the spooky-crying thing again at her wedding? Right up my alley.
-Actually, all of the wedding was great. The Doctor Dances, indeed.

-No, I didn't like the typical Who way of resolving last week's seemingly-impossible cliffhanger situation within the first scene. I have, however, certainly come to expect it, so I wasn't terribly disappointed.
-Definitely Not Cool: the way Amy keeps trying to step out on Rory. It's RORY. You don't do that. He's the sweet, befuddled Arthur Dent EveryMan of the Whoniverse, and you don't do that to him. I think it's meant to be funny but I don't find it amusing in any way.

-Not tying up why the TARDIS exploded, and the crack in time, and silence falling, and the novo-TARDIS in The Lodger, and why Amy's house has a level too many? Me likey. It's nice to have trans-seasonal mysteries.

-I was right about the forest scene in The Time Of Angels!!! It wasn't a continuity error! Shoop da woop!! I have been harping about that for MONTHS now, so it's nice to be vindicated.

I'm really looking forwards to the Christmas special, though I worry that Orient Express In Space is quite similar to Titanic In Space. But we'll see. If the fez makes a comeback, all is forgiven.