Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year recap

Photos ahoy! Here's a recap of what's happened so far this year.


New Year's Eve

We had some friends over for a low-key NYE party. I wore my hair in a half-up bow like in binosusume's YouTube channel, but none of the photos really show it well :(

Ant and I waiting for everyone to show up. Ant wore his fedora that he got in Fukuoka. It really only comes out for festive occasions, which is a shame. Josh bet that he wouldn’t wear it at all in Australia though, so that’s something.

Around midnight we headed outside and lit up some sparklers. Pretty!

The girls enjoyed the pretty in a normal, sensible way.

Richard, um… didn’t. He took about 20 of them and lit them up at once -_- Burned his foot a little too I think. The lads all seemed to think it was pretty funny.

Mark and Ish got into the party poppers (which, by the way, were about 20% faulty and would just spit out a lump of streamers instead of a proper spray. I hit Lee pretty solidly in the chest with a streamer pellet.)

Mark sets off a party popper LIKE A MAN.


And then goes on to look utterly terrifying (and, bizarrely, like he is in blackface) in what is otherwise a nice photo.

Ruthie, Trav, Rachel and Carrie were there also but I only managed to get bad photos of you guys. Sorry! Try to be always posing near good light in future, OK?


Avatar screening with Mark and Ish

Went with Mark and Ish on New Year's Day to see the most not-shut-up-aboutable movie of the summer last night. I must say that I wasn’t really that keen to see it, because I am pretty tired of this exchange:
“Haven’t seen it.”
Rinse and repeat with more or less everyone I know. So yeah, I was a bit jaded.
First things first, camwhoring with silly glasses.

So the movie itself. It was immensely pretty, there is no doubt about that. The scenes where Jake is discovering the forest were gorgeous. But I really didn’t feel particularly engaged by the film until at least halfway through, when the (spoiler, but you’ve seen it already no doubt) bulldozers start to roll in. Until then I felt like a casual observer, the way I do with most CGI things. Which made me VERY aware of its length. Make no mistake, this movie is LONG. Anyway, I suppose I don’t feel too strongly about it one way or the other. It was enjoyable, and technically a masterpiece, but I don’t think I’ll see it again.
A quick word about the 3D – it gave me a cranking headache for the first 45 min or so until my eyes stopped fighting it. But after that, every time I thought about it, the headache would spring back. I don’t know if the glasses fitted me badly, but it felt like a strain to focus. Phooey. (Looking at the photos, there were indeed enormous. And made my nose look big too. Yucks.)
Also, I think it's funny that a 3D movie had so many one-dimensional characters. Hohohohoho.

This is how Ant started the new year. Yup.


Hopman Cup

Went with Ant and Josh to the Hopman Cup on Jan 2nd to see Australia v Romania. Kept forgetting it was coming up. Every conversation with Josh that weeks was somewhat akin to this:

"See you Saturday, then. What time are we meeting? 9?"
"What time are we huh? Why would I be out of bed that early on a Saturday?"
"Uh, the tennis?"
"The whoseinthewhatnow?"

So it was frankly a miracle that I made it there at all. Good thing Ant is more switched on than I am.

While we were waiting I asked the boys to camwhore with me.

Oi, why be like that? I got you both sweet Christmas presents.

Ant eventually indulged me, but Josh refused. Bah.

He eventually acquiesed for a solo effort. Ladies, is my brother not handsome?

Anyway, then there was a womens' match. I shan't be posting photos because we lost. Boo. But after that, I went to the bathroom before the mens' match. And then I got a tiny bit turned around getting back to my seat, and was stopped by a security guard who said I couldn't go the way I was going because the door I was in front of was the one the players were about to come out of O_O So naturally, I asked if I could take photos. He said yeah, no problem. And here's what I did with that opportunity.


The one good thing, though, was that Lleyton Hewitt totally gave me a filthy look just for standing there. Ha! He really lives up to his reputation.

So anyway, after that wasted opportunity, I headed back to my seat for the mens' match.

Lleyton won! Look at him, receiving that serve. It was a really exciting match! They were closely matched opponents. Also, as Josh noted, Lleyton's trademark "COME ON!!!" is obnoxious on TV but quite thrilling in the flesh

There was a mixed doubles match after this, but Australia lost that too. So a loss overall. Oh well! I've never been to a live tennis match before so it was a good experience anyway.


Ishi's birthday

Left Burswood after the tennis, went home, got changed and came straight back for Ishi pishi's birthday dinner. Ha! Should have just taken a change of clothes with me.

In the car on the way. Sequins, leopard and a present. Yay!

With the birthday girl and Tris. Ish had such pretty clothes! And new shoes from her Sg trip.

My beef. Eh. It was pretty average. I would have thought a nice restaurant would have been able to cook medium rare correctly. Apparently not.

Tris is demonstrating how pasmak resembles a beard. Sort of.

With my sweet Ruthie! She is sooo preggie right now. Any day and I am an auntie!

Quick pose in front of the dandelion fountain. Ugh my dress makes me look blocky :( Never again!

And on that note, this super long entry comes to an abrupt end. All caught up!