Saturday, January 9, 2010

Strawberrynet order!

I received a package from Strawberrynet this week! I love those guys. Cheap makeup, loyalty program, free shipping, what's not to like? When I picked it up from the post office, the girl behind the coutner was all excited for me, like "oooooooh I love SN, I'm waiting on a box, how excitingggg!" We're like a secret society, SN clients. The Order Of The Purple Ribbon. We should invent a secret handshake. So anyway, this is my loot.

Strawberrynet order

And now to my reviews!

Smashbox Photo Finish makeup primer

Smashbox Photo Finish primer

I've only used this once so far.  It goes on very silkily, and my skin feels really smooth afterwards.  Apparently it's full of vitamins and other stuff to make skin happy.  Anyway, it made my foundation glide on smoothly and evenly.  It was a hot day though, so I sweated it all off pretty quickly and can't comment on lastability.  I'm looking forwards to using it in winter though, as I struggle to apply foundation evenly when my skin is drier.


MAC Beauty Marked eyeshadow

MAC "Beauty Marked" eyeshadow

WOW.  This stuff is super.  I tried really hard to take a photo of how it looks in the pot, but didn't quite get it - it looks like a shimmery purple-y maroon.  But it applies like the best smoky grey you've ever tried.  Full of pigment.  Love it love it.  MAC make awesome eyeshadows.  Can't believe I used Maybelline and Body Shop for so long.  Only MAC, Stila and Anna Sui for me now.

Guerlain Kohl loose powder eyeliner

Guerlain loose powder kohl liner

I don't think I've got the hang of how to apply this yet.  I get some on my inner rims, and a LOT in my eyes.  And then 30 minutes later, it all migrates from my eye to the inner corner and looks revolting.  I want to learn to use it properly, though, because every review I've read of it says it's miracle dust.  Anyway, I'm pleased to have it because the packaging looks like something from a silent film star's dressing table.  It's awesome. 


Pevonia Silky Foot Peel

Pevonia Silky Foot Peel

This stuff is magic.  Disgusting magic.  I put it on my feet and started gently massaging, and GIANT gobs of revolting dead skin started coming off.  (Sorry for the mental image.)  Anyway, a quick rinse later and my feet were soft and smooth like they haven't been in a really long while.    I hope it's OK to use it daily, because I have years of mistreatment to resolve.


My new PS3

Saw this in the city today.  It makes me want to break the one we have.  If you know what I mean.