Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dinner with the girls

Caught up with a bunch of my girls for dinner. So good to see them! I really miss all you Yangebup crew :( Missed you all at Albany camp too.

Alex and Sally

Alex and Sal waiting for food. Ooh, I missed you guys! Alex is taking Ant out for lunch sometime. I guess it's OK with me seeing she asked permission :) They were cross with me for taking so long to take the photo. Sorry guys!


Emma just posed like this until I put the camera away.

Sneaky photo

Heath was suspicious of this "sneaky shot". It's not so bad, right? She had a cuuuute necklace on, a wooden heart with "elope" written on it. Apparently you get it with your wedding certificate if you do so. Or something.


Tris took this photo and I LOVE it. Everyone looks so stoked to be there. Except KJ, who is still running off a LOT of excess energy.

I love my girrrls! Don't see enough of them now that they all live south of the river. Let's catch up again soon, OK? Chuuuuuu!