Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random update

I've been working really hard to make the blog look nicer but things have definitely gone backwards on that front. Ant is trying to help me now and he is more or less as stumped as I am on the whole issue. I want it to be super kawaii. At the moment it is the blandest thing since white bread. Blahhh. Hope we can work out the issue soon.

Also, my Photoshop elements trial expires today!! :( I will definitely have to buy it, it is truly tip-top. BUT, maybe not immeditely, because we are, uh, a trifle poor at the moment. Saving for a house is killer! Especially when you've had a house guest and a long weekend all in the same pay cycle. Oh well.

On to some photos!


My new nails!

Nail delivery!

Actually, these photos were taken two weeks ago and now I have removed said nails. I've been sort of distracted by the arrival of darling Jude, and also having Katsuki-san stay with us. ANYWAY. I ordered these from eBay seller Yukiumi. I was really thrilled with the service, and the nails themselves were SO cute. The only problem was that they're completely impractical for my work :( I do a lot of fine work with my hands, and having talons on each finger (see below) made things really difficult. So I soaked them off, but I'm definitely keeping them for next time I'm on holiday.

3D hime nails

It's been several years since I had acrylic nails, but the awkward ways of getting dressed with cumbersome nails came back to me pretty quickly. I often wonder how girls manage with nails like this though:



A couple weeks back (two days before the nails I think) we went to Arigataya in Northbridge with Mark, Ish, Trav and super-pregnant Ruth. Arigataya hasn't been open very long but it's cemented its place in my heart as Perth's best ramen. This is my bowl:


I was ravenous by the time we ate, and so this photo includes none of the char sieu, egg, nori, bamboo or greenery that I had already gluttoned into oblivion. But trust me, this stuff is GOOD. Afterwards we headed to bubble tea in the old Utopia (I think it's called Hi Tea now?)

Bubble tea

Ruth is literally four days away from giving birth but somehow she looks barely pregnant in this photo. How, Ruth? HOW? When it is time for a junior Casarotto, I need to get photo posing tips from you.

And here we have yet another abrupt end to a random blog entry. Sort of becoming a standard feature around these parts.